Sustainability Monitor: Internship

The EP team recently caught-up with Ronnie McBryde, CEO of Sustainability Monitor, and Bethan Iley (School of Psychology), who has been undertaking an internship, co-funded by Santander Universities.

Bethan has been undertaking research for the business in respect to sustainability, reviewing academic articles and providing key summaries of each. Bethan has also undertaken research into social media influencers (in respect to sustainability) and reviewed global social media platforms.

As a result, Bethan has researched into subjects ranging from use of plastics, palm oil, petrochemicals and factory farming to social sustainability topics, including workers rights and tax avoidance. Beyond this, Bethan has undertaken a range of research, utilising her Psychology degree, to assess how people engage with social media content.

Through undertaking this research, the content will be utilised to provide academic credibility to sustainability reports produced by the business.

Reflecting on her experience, Bethan commented:

“I’m really enjoying the work and it has confirmed that I want to pursue a career linked to research and sustainability.”

Ronnie McBryde also reaffirmed the value of the internship:

“Through the work Bethan has completed, it has raised academic knowledge of the subject and enhanced the credibility of the reports which will be provided to clients. There has been substantial value added as a direct result of the internship. Furthermore, the funding has allowed the business to undertake this additional work, which is proving essential.”

Thanks must be given to Santander Universities for co-funding this internship.