Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce: Internships

For 2018-19, Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce offered two internships exclusively through the University of Kent’s Employability Points (EP) Scheme, which have been co-funded by EIRA. The EP team recently caught-up with Deputy Chief Executive, Tudor Price, as well as Daniel Vizer (School of Psychology) and Akansha Kumar (Kent Business School).

Both students have had a huge impact on the Chamber, with Akansha analysing their social media engagement across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. She has reviewed their content, created best practice guidelines, matched members with followers and further developed the overall strategy.

Daniel, meanwhile, has been reviewing the tier pricing structure and exploring whether a choice based membership structure is more suitable. This has allowed him to undertake qualitative and quantitative research and data analysis, whilst also engaging with other chambers across the United Kingdom.

Reflecting on her experience, Akansha commented that this has been the ‘best internship related to my Data Analytics degree’ and consequently, it has ‘reaffirmed that this is the career for me.’

Daniel also commented that the internship has been a great opportunity to work with autonomy and enjoys that he is able to put forward new ideas.

Tudor commented that funding providing by EIRA has had a huge impact on the business:

“The funding enables us to explore strategic areas of interest that wouldn’t have had the resource to do. The internships have introduced new view points on particular subjects, particularly academic insight.”

Furthermore, Tudor commented that due to the internships, the Chamber now have substantial statistical data to inform strategy. For example, their social media strategy has now evolved, with Twitter being used for press, PR and general news, Facebook for promoting events and Instagram to provide behind the scenes stories.

“[The internships] have been the biggest bang for buck that we have experienced in respect of student engagement”.

Due to Akansha’s impact, her internship has been extended by a further 12-weeks, and she will be working as a Digital Marketing Officer, providing strategic recommendations in relation to the Chamber’s strategy.

The EP team would like to thank EIRA for co-funding both internships.

The EP Scheme is also delighted to confirm that Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce will sponsoring the scheme for 2019-20.