ADEY: Internships

For 2018-19, ADEY provided a selection of EP rewards for our science students, including internships in the Water Testing Lab and Microbiology Lab, co-funded by the Santander Universities SME Internship Scheme.

The EP team recently caught up with two students, Berk Kaya (School of Physical Sciences) and Kirsty Irvine (School of Bioscience) and their line managers, Josh Beaney, Chemistry Manager and Ralph Loveridge, Microbiology Manager.

Josh and Ralph commented on how the internships have had such a positive impact on the business, with Josh mentioning that ‘the placements have allowed us to maintain our current output during an incredibly busy period. Effectively, they have helped us to maintain our service standard.’ Furthermore, the work being undertaken in both the labs represents are growing part of the business, and the students have provided real value.

Due to the standards of the students this year, the EP Scheme and Santander SME Internship Scheme is now being viewed as a potential means to recruit future talent.

Josh and Ralph also referenced that the Santander funding is ‘essential in enabling companies like us to compete with the larger competitors’. The EP Scheme, furthermore, ‘is great as the process of earning points ensure they are so enthusiastic during the internships’.

Berk, who has been working in the Water Testing Lab, has gained real hands-on experience in different techniques, including filtration and using a refractometer to check glycol in dissolved oxygen. As his internship progresses, he will gain the chance to work with ISP instrumentation and spend time in the R&D Lab.

Reflecting on his experience so far, Berk commented on how he now has essential commercial lab experience, which will boost both his career and academic work.

Kirsty, who has been in the Microbiology Lab, reflected that ‘the internship has been really good, I’ve really enjoyed gaining hands on experience and learning new things.’ Having been tasked with looking for specific micro-organisms and undertaking various analytical testing, she was incredibly surprised to find how much responsibility has been granted to her.

The EP Scheme would like to thank ADEY for providing these great opportunities and the support provided by the Santander SME Internship Scheme.