Work Experience with Convert Energy

Convert Energy are a national renewable energy design and project management company.

Since 2015, Convert Energy have supported the EP Scheme through offering placements focusing on a range of areas including marketing, research, graphic design and, most recently, computer science.

Kartik Jalal (stage 1) and Flaminia Salustri (postgraduate) from the School of Computing undertook a two-week placement with the company and were incredibly positive about their experiences. The pair were asked to research and create a calculator that would allow clients to weigh up the installation costs with the savings they would make once the solar panels had been installed, with the hope of encouraging potential customers to see the cost-benefits of installation.

While Kartik and Flaminia admitted they initially had some concerns over the time constraint, with a process of trial and error the project was soon making good progress. Flaminia commented: ‘I was nervous on my first day, but the environment in the office is so nice and the team are lovely! We are learning a lot and I am always happy to go to work!’

Kartik added: ‘I feel very comfortable in the office and know that I can always ask questions if I need to. Everyday is a highlight!’

Both students felt they were developing a host of skills during the placement: ‘I have gained experience in new coding languages as well working with new people. I have liked the opportunity to evaluate where my skills currently are during this process.’ (Flaminia).

Kartik also added: ‘I can already see that I will be able to apply this knowledge to my modules next year, and I think the experience will really help when I am applying for my year in industry.’

Director of Convert Energy, Ben Glancy, was very impressed with how the students performed during their time with him:

‘Kartik and Flaminia Have been fantastic and the perfect example of the benefits of this scheme. They really quickly understood our vision and expectations of what we wanted to create. They worked with us to create an achievable project brief that could be delivered within the time frame of their placement. They have worked efficiently and required very little support or supervision and have worked really well with each other, as well as fitting in perfectly with the rest of the team. The final product of their efforts, far surpasses what we thought could be delivered in the time given. It has been an absolute pleasure working with them.’

When asked why he chose to apply for the EP Reward with Convert Energy, Kartik explained: ‘I like physics and I feel that working in a company that cares about sustainability is a way to help future generations.’

Flaminia went on to explain why she got involved with the EP Scheme: ‘I was already doing the activities and by taking part in EP, it is something rewarding that pushes me to look for further opportunities. The process was straighforward and there was a lot of guidance. The team were organised and all the stress was taken out of the application process!’ Kartik also commented: ‘Meeting with the EP Officer, Matt Cook, really helped me choose the right reward for me, and he was really friendly! I think it’s a great scheme!’

Director Ben Glancy gave an overview of the benefits of EP for companies:

‘Schemes like this benefit both the students in terms of commercial/work place experience but also bring huge benefits to the employer/company. Bringing new ideas and impartial advice with a fresh approach that is of immeasurable benefit to the company and its team.’

You can find out more Convert Energy here.

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