What is EP?

So, you’re new to Kent and you’ve heard of the ‘EP Scheme’ but aren’t quite sure what it means? Don’t worry, we’ve got everything you need to know about EP in our quick guide below!

What is EP?

The Employability Points Scheme rewards students with experiences of work for their active involvement in co-curricular activities. In 2018-19, over 8,600 students participated in the EP Scheme, with over 850 rewards being offered by local, national and international employers!

Why should I get involved?

If you are currently engaging with co-curricular activities, you can claim ‘Employability Points’ for each activity completed! At the end of the second term, if you have earned enough points, you can cash these in for the chance to apply for rewards such as paid internships, work experience opportunities, training and vouchers offered by local and national employers.

What can I log?

You can log any activity that helps to develop ‘soft’ skills, that is not part of your course, this includes part-time work, volunteering, attending and presenting at conferences, organising society events and many, many more!

How do I claim my points?

You can get started by logging your activities on MyFolio.

How do I get a reward?

You can apply for EP rewards (subject to sufficient points) between late-March and early-April via an application form which will be emailed to you. More information on the rewards process can be viewed here.


Are rewards guaranteed?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you will get your first choice reward; many EP rewards are oversubscribed and in turn, if you apply and are shortlisted, you will need to attend an interview in May. We strongly recommend you apply for 3-5 rewards to increase your chances of success. If you are unsuccessful, we will ensure you are offered an alternative reward, such as a skills development session.

Will I be paid for my reward?

You will be paid at least minimum wage for undertaking an internship or project placement. Work experience and work shadowing placements are unpaid (but the EP team does not support unpaid work experience beyond 3-weeks).

Not all EP rewards cover travel expenses and full information is outlined in the Rewards Pack.

If you still have further questions, let us know by emailing employabilitypoints@kent.ac.uk