Canterbury City Council: Work Experience

In 2018-19, Canterbury City Council offered four work experience to University of Kent students through the Employability Points Scheme. Students were given the chance to work on digital projects relating to either Start my Biz and/or Visit Canterbury.

The EP team recently caught up with Valeria Trabattoni (School of Psychology) to discuss her 2-week placement.

During her placement, Valeria was tasked with undertaking two principle projects; Buy in the Bay and Shop by the Sea, focusing on promoting local retailers in both Herne Bay and Whitstable. As a result, Valeria undertook several campaigns, as well as attending a digital marketing strategy workshop by Google.

Valeria also gained the chance to assist Visit Canterbury by writing a blog, ‘Top 12 things to see in Canterbury’

As a result, Valeria commented that she gained substantial experience and knowledge of digital marketing campaigns and felt she was able to have a real impact on the Council, despite some aspects being challenging. In fact, she found the blog the most challenging, yet also gratifying, task!

“Overall, the experience gave me fantastic insight on marketing, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn what it means to work in a marketing department in a vibrant environment of amazing and supportive people.”

Angela Furlong, Projects Officer, who managed Valeria, commented:

“We have thoroughly enjoyed having Valeria with us she has gone out of her way to be involved in the projects we set her, she has come up with new ideas for us to follow up and she was willing to get involved in all aspects of the job.”

Canterbury City Council have been sponsoring the EP Scheme since 2013, offering internships and work experience placements as well as sponsoring the prize, ‘Highest Scoring Humanities Student’.