Highest Scoring Students for January

Every month, the EP Scheme will reward the students in Canterbury and Medway who log the most points!

For January, the top Canterbury students:

  1. Anna Marie Hughes (School of History) with 385 points.
  2. Maria Deguara (Kent Law School) with 340 points.
  3. Fabienne Gladwin (School of English) with 310 points.

In Medway, the top students are:

  1. Lily Frenais (Kent Business School) with 210 points.
  2. Alina Sajish (Kent Business School) with 115 points.
  3. Jemima Conran (Kent Business School) with 75 points.

Well done to Anna and Lily who will receive £10 Amazon vouchers shortly.

As the EP deadline is now looming (18th March, 17:00) for February, we will be awarding the top scoring students with £30 Amazon vouchers!