EP Team Caught Up with Sasha Langeveldt, VP (Activities)

Each academic year, a team of Officers join Kent Union, as voted by students at the University of Kent. This includes the Kent Union President and Vice-Presidents for Activities, Education, Sports and Welfare.

Before the new campaign season starts, where student can elect the 2019-20 full time officers, including Student Union President, VP Academic Experience, VP Welfare and Community, VP Student Engagement and VP Postgraduate Experience, the EP team caught-up with the Vice-President (Activities), Sasha Langeveldt, to speak about her ongoing projects.

Sasha explained she is currently working on an environmental campaign, focusing on the implementation of more drinking water fountains, holding awareness workshops and planning litter picks.

There is also a Cultural Food Festival coming to Kent on 20th March, and you can get involved by cooking dishes and serving to students and staff during an event that will encompass cultural celebrations, native dress and performances.

Sasha and Emma (Socieites Coordinator) have also been planning a societies varsity, whereas Sasha has been working closely with the Gulbenkian to help them plan their 50th Anniversary which includes encourage a political voice.

With so much happening or being planned, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to get involved and ultimately enhance your skills and overall student experience! Furthermore, you can claim Employability Points for engaging with these activities, from attending environmental workshops to assisting at the Cultural Food Festival, this is a great opportunity to boost your points and get rewarded later this year!

Don’t forget, the deadline to claim points for 2018-19 is 18th March (17:00) and anything logged after this date will roll-over to the next academic year.