EP Sponsor Profile 2018-19

EMIR is a Kent based company that produce workbenches and hand-tools, sold throughout the UK and 40 other countries.


With over 70 years of trading from the UK and continuing to develop new products and designs, EMIR has gained a world-wide reputation as engineers and manufacturers in wood and urethane, with a product range that includes workbenches, handtools, Harris looms and storage cupboards.

EMIR has been an EP sponsor since 2013 and has previously offered project placements and internships in social media strategy and videography.

Rewards 2018-19

EMIR are offering a marketing internship involving an assessment of EMIR’s associated markets and the introduction of new and old products. The key challenge will be to assist in driving greater market penetration, resulting in increased sales. A significant amount of autonomy will be given to the student, potentially allowing them to put their strategies to the test in a ‘real life’ situation.

If you want to know more, email the team at: employabilitypoints@kent.ac.uk