Yoyo Design: Internship

Yoyo Design is a multi award-winning digital agency focused on digital strategy, marketing, branding, user experience, web design and development. 

Yoyo Design have been sponsoring the EP Scheme since 2016, offering opportunities in project management, web design, video creation and much more! Specifically, in 2017-18, Jadon Guthrie (SECL) was rewarded with a 10-week internship focusing on project management. The EP team recently caught-up with Jadon to find out more.

As a Philospophy and Religious Studies student, Jadon was unsure how he was going to utilise his degree in the graduate job market but by gaining experience (and points) within a Community Action Group at Kent, he developed a passion for project management. As a result, during his internship with Yoyo Design, he was given the chance to develop these skills in a fast-paced, high-stakes environment.

“Yoyo is exactly what I was looking for”, Jadon commented, as his role involved:

  • Utilising project management methodologies.
  • Interrogating data collected through website analytics software.
  • Researching into SEO strategies.
  • Supporting other project managers.
  • Co-managing the ReFresh brand.
  • Maintaining and updating an Operations Tracker.

Jadon commented he most enjoyed undertaking website analytics, where he was required to create a 20-page report highlighting the current performance of the Yoyo Design website and suggesting areas of improvement.

Reflecting on his 10-weeks, Jadon summarised:

“I have had a chance to practice my project managerial skills in a professional yet supportive environment which has subsequently boosted my employability massively. I feel like I have a range of options for where I can take myself professional which is both a rewarding and comforting feeling.”

Hannah Smith, Project Manager at Yoyo Design also commented:

“Jadon has been a pleasure to have around. From his first day in the studio he has bought an amazing amount of energy and has been extremely positive and enthusiastic to be around…Whilst Jadon was here at Yoyo he was tasked with owning the Project Management Operations Tracker – assessing the information that was in there, understanding what was beneficial for us (and the sales team) to see and then planning and implementing how to display this information. We use this tracker on a day to day basis and also at our weekly team meetings and therefore this is a really important tool for us. Jadon took this task on with 100% commitment and changed
the way in which we were able to easily see this information.”

If you feel inspired by this case study and would like to undertake an internship similiar to Jadon, you must have 200 points on your profile by 18th March 2019. As Jadon said, “the EP scheme is a great opportunity…so start collecting your points and get applying!”