Romney Marsh Wools

EP Sponsor Profile 2018-19

Romney Marsh Wools is a British Wool company which sells quality and bespoke wool items as well as other farm goods.


Romney Marsh Wools is a local British Wool company which is responsible for producing and selling high value bespoke wool items, as well as other farm goods.

Website: Here.

Rewards 2017-18

Romney Marsh Wools are offering a work expeirence placement focused on sales, marketing and business development, in addition to the chance for two students to undertaking shadowing rewards at sales events.

Student Testimonial

“I developed my interviewing and networking skills which has given me more confidence and in turn, encouraged me to challenge myself and try new things to produce something even better. I have had the chance to meet some incredibly inspiring people and explore an area which I have never even considered doing so before. It’s one thing to tell a person about something you feel passionately about but it’s another to make them feel that passion too. But now, I can honestly say that my views on man-made and natural products, supermarkets and local businesses and country life in general has massively changed.”

Jayna Rana, Centre of Journalism