Reflect Digital: Internships

Reflect Digital are a multi-award winning digital marketing agency.

Reflect Digital have been an EP sponsor since 2016, offering exclusive internships in areas ranging from coding and web development to copy-writing and digital marketing.

During summer 2018, four students undertook roles within the agency: Alexander Frampton (School of Politics and International Relations, stage 2) and James Lagdon (Kent Business School, stage 3) gained internships in marketing, Luigi Aumento (School of Politics and International Relations, stage 3) has spent the summer as an account management intern and Leah Patterson (Engineering and Digital Arts, stage 4) has been working on web development.

You can check out Reflect Digital’s amazing video of the interns here:


On top of the interns all gaining an amazing experience, we are delighted to confirm that Leah impressed the agency to such an extent that mid-way through her placement she was offered a permanent developer role!

Leah Patterson: Web Development

We spoke to Leah about how she had found her internship so far: ‘It’s been really good and I feel like I have already learnt a lot. It has been challenging learning the system and a range of new coding languages all at once, but the team have been great and always make sure I’m comfortable with my tasks. I’m encouraged to ask for help when I need it so I feel very supported.’

She also appreciated the chance to learn transferable skills outside of her role description: ‘I was able to go on the SEO training with the other interns, which was really interesting as it is not something I previously knew anything about. It was fascinating to see how the skills of those across the agency fit together.’

Leah is excited to work with the agency as a permanent member of the team once her internship comes to a end: ‘I am looking forward to having more responsibility as I move into my full-time role, and the chance to dedicate more time to projects and see them through to the end.’

She feels that the EP Scheme has been very beneficial to her and commented: ‘getting this internship through EP was easy – and there was so much choice! The communication was great and I felt more comfortable during the interview having someone from the team present.’

Luigi Aumento: Account Management

Luigi has been working with the Account Management team, which has included emailing clients about a variety of campaigns, social media analysis, doing research and looking at clients’ websites, thinking about ways in which they can be improved. She said: ‘I have enjoyed the interdisciplinary nature of the role and I have loved getting an insight to SEO. I am required to juggle multiple tasks, which really suits how I work.’

James Lagdon: Digital Marketing

James’ role focused on copy-writing: ‘I have been writing for both the Reflect Digital website and clients’ websites. I looked at key SEO terminology and how we can make this more understandable for clients as well as undertaking proofreading tasks. I have enjoyed the pressure of being paid to write for different audiences and have found the whole experience a huge learning curve.’

James reflected on how the placement has impacted on his future, as he heads back to Kent to undertake a Masters with Kent Business School: ‘This experience has had a positive influence on my academic writing and I will now be able to study with the knowledge of the real-world context.’

He summarised: ‘This is a really cool place to work, with a variety of personalities. It is a very inclusive working environment with specialists in a variety of areas, and everyone clicks! The team is friendly and incredibly creative.’

Becky Simms (Found and CEO of Reflect Digital) commended the interns she had gained through EP:

“It is great to get the fresh perspective of students every summer – they are the future! It’s great to have more hands on deck and we provide the students with a variety of roles.Luigi has been instrumental in taking photos and doing research, while the copy from James has been fantastic! He is very eloquent. The students really know their own minds and have all been very good.”

She reflected on being a sponsor of EP: ‘My advice to businesses that are thinking about getting involved with EP is that the more you put in, the better the students you will get out! It has been fantastic to find students that are ready for the world of work, and have the opportunity to cherry-pick from all this talent.’

Becky was also incredibly excited to announce that Leah had accepted a developer role with the agency: ‘we are so pleased to be offering Leah a full-time role with us! Finding a female developer is gold dust!’

To find out about the amazing rewards that Reflect Digital will be offering through EP this year, see here. You can find the agency’s news story about their EP interns here.