Nucleus Arts: Experience Day

Nucleus Arts is the Award Winning flagship arts organisation founded by the Halpern Charitable Foundation. Nucleus Arts has become the cultural and creative heart of Kent & Medway over the past 12 years and focuses on affordability, accessibility and excellence in the Arts.

For the last few years, in addition to offering an array of work placements, Nucleus Arts invite EP reward winner to attend a creative experience day!

The EP team joined the reward winners, which started with a Kent Creative Connect delivering a workshop, with Heather Haythornthwaite (Hazelnut Press) providing a talk on printmaking and her experiences as an exhibiting artist.

Following this workshop, each student was paired with a resident artist, giving them the chance to find out what it is like to be a professional artist. Ayesha Chouglay (School of Music and Fine Art) gained the chance to speak with painter Simon Mills, who discussed his experiecnes in the art world and how to make it in this business.

Following lunch, Nucleus Arts’ Director and Trustee, Dalia Halpern-Matthews provided students with a guided tour of the centre, where they visited several studios and met with a number of resident artists.

For more information on Nucleus Arts, please see here.