Chaucer Speakers Club: Skills Development Session

Since 2014, the Chaucer Speakers Club have provided EP students with the chance to attend a public speaking masterclass!

The session provided students with the chance to learn about body language, the use of notes and ultimately, overcoming the fear of public speaking. The course concluded by giving students the chance to deliver presentations with feedback being provided by the expert trainers. Furthermore, one lucky student was selected by random to receive one year’s full membership at the Chaucer Speakers Club!

“The skills development workshop on public speaking ran by the Chaucer Speakers Club made it clear that public speaking is neither as scary nor as hard as many people perceive it to be. The workshop was well organised and apart from providing a strong theoretical foundation, it gave us the opportunity to practice in front of the wider audience. The focus on how to structure a public speech, with a careful explanation of the core components of the speech made it easily understandable to those less experienced with public speaking.”

Damian Haretah (Kent Law School)

The Chaucer Speakers Club offer a student membership deal and for more information on this, please see here.

Photos of past workshops can be seen below: