Work Experience with JPP Law

JPP Law is a virtual law firm, which specialises in both commerical and corporate law.

Due to the firm’s virtual composition, since 2014, the organisation has been able to provide EP students with a ‘virtual internship’, where students can undertake tasks remotely.

In particular, the EP team caught-up with Charlotte Hunt (Kent Law School) who completed a 30-hour placement with JPP Law.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working for JPP Law. The work is interesting and varied, and you are given responsibility from day one. The team are extremely welcoming and supportive, and working with such experienced lawyers is an opportunity not to be missed!’

With the work being undertaken remotely, Charlotte benefited from additional flexibility, whilst this structure helped Charlotte further develop essential time management and communication skills.

The team at JPP were supportive and helpful throughout. In particular, ‘From day one I felt like a member of the team’, Charlotte commented, ‘and felt that my contributions were greatly valued.’

Charlotte was managed by Mark Glenister, Managing Partner, who provided similar tasks which would be expected of a normal trainee. Mark supported Charlotte throughout the placement and was also ‘extremely supportive of my professional development.’

Reflecting on Charlotte’s placement, Mark commented:

“[Charlotte] has done an excellent job and is proactive and easy to work with. I’ve already told her that I’d be pleased to be a referee on her training contract and job applications”

If you are interested in working for a commercial law firm, or if you are unsure of what area of law you would like to work in, I would definitely recommend the experience! The internship has provided an insight into the tasks a trainee would perform. It provided a different experience to my vacation schemes in a large commercial firm as I had closer and more frequent client exposure. Additionally, as it is a smaller firm, there is a much larger focus on promoting the firm to potential clients. Mark involved me in a number of the networking and promotion tasks he undertakes and this provides an invaluable insight into the law firm as a business.

For more information on JPP Law, please see here.