Work Experience with Handelsbanken

Handelsbanken is one of the world’s strongest banks with over 800 branches in 24 countries across the globe.

Since 2014, Handelsbanken have been offering work experience placements in finance and corporate banking, and have proven to be an extremely popular reward with EP students!

Daniel Tetteh (Economics, stage 1) recently undertook a two-week work experience placement with Handelsbanken in Canterbury.

Daniel was able to work on a range of tasks, including taking a look at live deals, analysing businesses and evaluating memos, company accounts and tax documents. He undertook covenant checks with the support of branch team members, as well as meeting customers (one of which was a TV personality!).

Daniel told us: ‘This has been a very insightful experience. The staff have been friendly and helpful and I have learnt a lot about banking!’

Daniel was also offered a meeting with a recent graduate, who undertook an internship with Handelsbanken before being taken on full-time at the Canterbury branch. Daniel found it very interesting to hear about the opportunities available in the banking sector, and how graduates can go about applying for a job with one of the world’s strongest banks. Daniel is contemplating applying for an internship with Handelsbanken next year, following his positive experience in this branch.

Branch manager, Andy Davies, commented: ‘We were all very impressed by Daniel’s attitude. He is very personable and, crucially, he asked questions and showed real interest. He asked us “what can I do to contribute to the team?” and his work has been meticulous.’

For more information on Handelsbanken (Canterbury), take a look at their website here.