Internships with MobileCaddy

Mobile Caddy works with the platform to deliver robust, flexible mobile apps.

Since 2015, MobileCaddy has sponsored the EP Scheme providing remote internships in app design and creative marketing.

The EP team caught-up with one of the previous interns, Holly Yelland (School Engineering and Digital Arts), who undertook a 12-week placement focused on marketing, website design and app design.

Holly was given an array of tasks during her internship, including the chance to work with app developers to create visually engaging and user friendly apps, designing marketing materials and attending client meeting s in London.

“It was incredibly rewarding to see the work I had produced being used to promote MobileCaddy through all channels. I feel I have had a positive impact on the company and I have learnt a lot from being in the MobileCaddy team. I gained experience working in a fascinating and fast evolving industry and attained valuable insights into mobile app design and marketing strategies. MobileCaddy are very supportive of my learning and encourage me to learn new skills such as coding and also help me to go to industry conventions and networking events.”

Following the completion of her internship, Holly was offered full-time employment as the Digital & UX Designer for MobileCaddy!

For more information on MobileCaddy, please see here.