Internship with Smart Maritime Limited

Smart Maritime Limited identify and promote new technologies in the global shipping industry.

Since 2017, Smart Maritime Limited have sponsored the EP Scheme through providing internships in both legal regulations and marketing.

In particular, the EP team caught up with Megan Tucker (Kent Business School) who was tasked with creating a new Marketing Business Plan. Through her internship, Megan established a social media presence for the company, revamped the website and designed promotional literature.

Through this experience, Megan commented on how she saw ‘real business in action’ and by working for a small-medium enterprise, Megan was given considerable responsibility!

As a result of her internship, Megan was offered part-time employment with Smart Maritime Limited and through their business contacts, she secured her 12-month academic placement in Athens.

“I was accepted onto SML’s 10-week internship in the summer of 2017, and after my internship I was taken on part-time. Because of my work, my boss also recommended me to the CEO of their partner company who offered me a full year internship as part of my Year in Industry, which is what I am completing now. Without the employability points scheme I wouldn’t have been able to do this!”

For more information on Smart Maritime Limited, please see here.