Hub for Innovation and Enterprise: Reward Case Study

The Hub for Innovation and Enterprise is the University of Kent’s dedicated support for student enterprise and start-up guidance; providing support to students, staff and graduates wishing to start a business.

Since 2015, the Hub for Innovation and Enterprise has been providing exclusive rewards to students engaging with the EP Scheme.

One great example is the work experience awarded to Sheena Wooldridge, who was tasked with assisting the HUb in planning an Enterprise Educators UK (EEUK) conference on ‘The European Perspective – Innovative Approaches to Delivering Enterprise Education’.

Sheena was given the chance to see the project through from start to finish, which led to her further considering a career in events.

“I had the opportunity to network and meet new people. It built my confidence in the work place environment”

The Hub has also provided EP students the chance to undertake videography project placements. In 2016, Serwan Saleme (School of Architecture) created a series of short videos promoting the Hub’s services:


Again, in 2018, Tyler Hamblin (School of Arts) created a promotional video to coinicde with the launch of #DigitalReboot: