Global Growth Institute: EP Workshop

The Global Growth Institute work with Governments, companies and Leaders across the globe to maximise their people investments.

The Global Growth Institute have been involved with EP since 2014. This year, Wayne Clarke, co-founder of the Global Growth Institute (GGI), provided students with a bespoke EP reward addressing world class management and how they can develop these essential leadership skills.

The Global Growth Institute delivers the World Class Manager programme to international business leaders and national governments by teaching 12 key habits of world class management.

Exclusively, EP students with 75 points or more gained the chance to experience a taster session of this programme and one student commented:

‘The workshop run by Mr Wayne Clarke representing the Global Growth Institute on the world-class management and how great leaders inspire others to help them in achieving their futuristic and ambitious visions was hands-down one of the most valuable and engaging workshops I have ever had a chance to attend. The workshop, apart from giving us the opportunity to critically evaluate some of the best management practices, made one important argument clear: great leaders are made and not born. The University of Kent educates the leaders of the future, and workshops like the one delivered by the Global Growth Institute should be compulsory for all students, which one day will be in leadership positions. Great thanks to the whole Employability Points Scheme’s team for ensuring that the University of Kent’s students are well-equipped to effectively and efficiently lead organisations and governments in the future.’

Wayne reflected on the workshop and the high calibre of EP students in his vlog, which can be viewed here.

The EP team would like to thank Wayne and the GGI for this fantastic reward. Furthermore, University of Kent students can currently receive a discount to undertake the World Class Manager programme and for more information on this, please contact the EP team.