Internships with Kent County Council

Since 2014, Kent County Council (KCC) have offered an array of paid internships to students engaging with the EP Scheme.

One example would be Lucy Owen (Politics and International Relations) who undertook an internship in the Broadband and Digital Economy Programme.

Lucy was tasked with working closely with the Economic Development team, which was responsible for rolling out the broadband infrastructure across the county. Lucy specifically created the marketing strategy and assisted with the project’s planning stages.

Following on from this, Lucy worked on the Women’s Enterprise Kent project and secured a part-time role following the conclusion of her internship.

“This internship has been hugely beneficial to me; both personally and for my career development. As a Politics graduate, working in local government has been a great opportunity. I have been able to take my own initiative with projects in a supportive environment where my development has been the priority. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience!”

Lucy Owen

Additionally, Kent Law School student Andrew Wilson gained the chance to intern in the Resilience and Emergencies Programme.

Here, Andrew was tasked with overhauling and redrafting emergency plans for Kent, whilst he also assisted with responsive activities in respect to Operation Stack and writing contract specifications for the Procurement Department.

Andrew impressed KCC to the extent he was offered further employment as the Resilience and Emergencies Assistant, later being promoted to Resilience Officer.

“The Employability Scheme was the reason for this offer of employment, post internship. The internship gave me the opportunity to show what I am capable of as an employee and I am lucky in the belief that I have shown my abilities to be that which they wanted in the team.”

Andrew Wilson