Internship with TMLEP

The EP Team recently caught up with James Whitehead (Kent Law School), who is currently undertaking a 10-week internship at TMLEP.

TMLEP is an independent clinical practice specialising in independently investigating healthcare litigation issues across the globe. The practice has a clear aim of improving patient safety through independent investigation and clinical analysis.

During the internship, James has gained an invaluable insight into the healthcare litigation sector. He has assisted with numerous tasks, such as handling queries from healthcare solicitors seeking an independent TMLEP review to speaking with TMLEP’s Members (such as Neurosurgeons and Microbiologists) to explore the most appropriate investigation pathway.

James reflected on his experience with the company: ‘The team are so welcoming and helpful. I am constantly reassured that there is no such thing as a stupid question and I was immediately made to feel at home here.

James feels this placement has had an incredibly positive impact on his existing skill-set: ‘During my first five weeks with TMLEP, I have really improved my IT Literacy and communication. I have also been able to practice my customer-facing skills, such as learning how to adjust my tone where appropriate, as well as maintaining professionalism while still coming across as friendly.’

When asked how James feels about the process of the EP Scheme, he said: ‘I have found the scheme incredibly helpful in gaining employment and I was particularly impressed with the assistance provided to student societies (as the President of the Student Law Society, I was in regular contact with the team and found they were always eager to allocate points to our various activities).

Since the conclusion of his internship, James has been offered a pernament role as a TMLEP Practice Administrator!

Past Reward Winners

In 2017, Rose Noble (Kent Law School) was offered an internship with TMLEP where she impressed the management team to the extent that she was offered a full-time role as an analyst.

“The EP scheme creates opportunities for you to explore all that the University has to offer and also gives you the chance to discover potential career avenues, in turn making you far better equipped for graduate working life.”


Previously, Francesca Charlton undertook an internship with TMLEP and as a result of her performance, she was offered part-time employment to coincide with her final year studying in Kent Law School. Following her graduation, Francesca was offered a full-time role.

“TMLEP is a fantastic place to work. There is a friendly atmosphere and the chance for hands-on experience with real responsibility.”



To find out more about TMLEP, see their website here.