Internship with VisionMetric

Visionmetric is the UK’s leading provider of facial composite identification software and training.

Since 2016, VisionMetric have sponsored the EP Scheme through providing students with internships reviewing business processes and marketing strategies.

Most recently, the team caught up with Thomas Stieglitz (Kent Business School), a few weeks into his internship with VisionMetric. VisionMetric’s products produce facial composites and are the preferred choice of 90% of British Police Forces (and are used in over 30 countries!).

During his time with the company, Thomas has been working on a range of tasks, including updating the marketing calendar (themed on the history of forensic identification), creating a database land-marking the faces of people from specific regions, and day-to-day admin. He said: ‘I would definitely recommend this reward! Chris is friendly and the whole experience is perfect for absolute beginners who want to learn more about business.’

Dr Chris Solomon, Managing Director at VisionMetric, commented: ‘Thomas is a go-getter. He likes to be active and has been very involved with our marketing materials, which are important for our campaigns in the U.S. and Canada. It has been great to have such a willing, flexible and positive intern!’

Thomas reflected on his journey with the company so far: ‘I have really enjoyed working in this busy environment! I have been helping with an exciting project with a hardware company that is looking at Raman Spectroscopy, which is used by the police to identify suspicious substances at a crime scene. I have also been working on customer resource management, compiling thousands of files into a CRM management tool, and created a staff guide, so that new staff members can easily pick up the procedures within the company.’

Thomas feels he integrated well with his fellow interns and colleagues at the company: ‘This is a very friendly office environment where you can work at your own pace in a relaxed office culture. I get on well with the team – a few are recent graduates of Kent!’

He also felt very positively about his experience with EP Scheme: ‘I think it is a perfect process! There is a lot of what I’d call hand-holding which I think is very nice. The scheme has really helped with my future employability as I have gained insight into what employers are looking for, and how a business is run.’

Chris was impressed with Thomas’s performance during the internship thus far: ‘Having Thomas here has really helped us gain momentum towards making changes to our marketing and business processes, which will take us to the next level of business development.’

In 2016, Isabella de Baldo (Kent Business School) undertook the placement, where she was tasked with administration, designing instructions for new software and the creation of a promotional video.

As a business student, the internship provided Isabella a crash-course in IT systems and she particularly enjoyed the amount of creative freedom granted to her.

Due to the success of her internship, Isabella was able to continue working for VisionMetric part-time during her second year at University.

To learn more about VisionMetric, see here.