Work Experience with Convert Energy

Convert Energy are a national renewable energy design and project management company.

Since 2015, Convert Energy have supported the EP Scheme through offering placements focused on marketing, research and graphic design.

Most recently, Mariam Itani (Architecture, postgraduate) was offered a two-week work experience placement with Convert Energy, a national renewable design and project management company.

The placement was originally promoted with a focus on graphic design, but after spending time with the company, Mariam was offered a bespoke placement that catered more specifically to her interests. As an architecture student with a passion for the environment, Mariam enjoyed learning about the renewable energy projects being undertaken by Convert Energy.

Company directors David Browne and Ben Glancy were extremely flexible with the dates that Mariam worked, so that the placement could fit around her other commitments.

Mariam’s main role involved using Solar Edge software, something she had never encountered before. The software mapped out 3D models of buildings that allowed Mariam to plan where best to place solar panels, and how many would be needed in each case.

Mariam commented: I really appreciated the chance to learn something new, like the Solar Edge software. As someone hoping to work for an architecture firm that focuses on sustainability, it was great to work with a company that is so passionate about renewable energy! This was a great experience for my future employment, and I am glad I had the opportunity to be part of their team.’

In 2017, William Keeling (School of Politics and International Relations) undertook a 2-week placement investigating into possible business leads situated along the UK coastline and provide a series of reports to the company directors. William commented on how he enjoyed ownership of the project and how it provided him with experience of a new sector.

Notably, William is considering a career in the Diplomatic Serivce, particularly in the area of Climate Change Negotiation, and this placement provided him with an unique insight.


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