Work Experience with KMTV

Kirby Talines was successful in his application for a two-week work experience placement with KMTV. This placement entailed working in a professional television studio, working on client briefs and filming on location. Kirby impressed the staff at KMTV so much that he has since been offered a paid internship role.

Laura Garcia, who oversaw Kirby during his work at the TV channel, reflected:

‘Kirby came to us from the Music and Fine Arts School (now CMAT) with a particular interest in all things technical and audio set ups. KMTV’s expanding programming means that we need people with talents beyond news-gathering and journalism. Kirby has been so helpful during his two weeks of work experience. He works under the direction of our Tech Coordinator Mark Simmonite and helps with everything from cameras to scheduling. Kirby has really become an asset to KMTV and we look forward to continue working with him.’

If you would like to find out more about KMTV, take a look at their site, here.