Getting Rewarded as a KBS Student!

Calling all business students! Have you decided which of our amazing prizes you want? And do you know how to go about getting it? If you answered no to either of these questions, read on!

Internships (200 points)

Between 10-12 weeks PAID work with the following companies:

Vision Metric (the UK’s leading provider of facial composite identification software and training). This placement will focus on business processes and development.

Collins Bespoke (one of the South East’s leading joinery and cabinetry manufacturers). This placement will focus on business promotion, marketing and support.

Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce (a membership service that is designed to enhance, protect and connect businesses). The placement involves working with local employers to undertake research and create case studies. The student will access the economic impact of a business support programme.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car (the world’s largest car rental organisation). This placement will be focused on management, sales and customer service.

KIMS Hospital (the largest independent hospital in Kent). This placement will require the student to increase awareness of the hospital’s brand.

Work Experience (150 points)

2-3 weeks work experience with the following companies:

Canterbury City Council (the local government authority in Canterbury). This placement will involve working with the Business Development Team.

Sleeping Giant Media (an award-winning search and social marketing agency). This placement will allow students to work in the account management and digital creative teams, as well as gaining experience in video work, general marketing, and operations.

MidKent College (one of the largest further education and training providers in the South East). This placement will focus on business development, HR and finance.

Work-shadowing (100 points)

2-3 days shadowing company directors/executives etc.

Let’s Do Business Group (the leading provider of business advice, training and finance in the South East). This placement involves 1 day at the Business Terrace in Maidstone shadowing business advisers, and a further 2 days in the St Leonards office shadowing the business finance and Growth Hub teams.

Perfectly Clear Marketing (a PR and marketing agency). This placement allows one student to gain insight into marketing, business development and digital marketing.

If none of these placements suit you, don’t be disheartened, we have a whole host of exciting rewards across all sectors, have a look at the full list here.

And now the all-important question: How do I get my reward?

The deadline to log all of your activities is March 19th at 5pm. After this date we will email you with an application form which will include all of the rewards that you qualify for. You have a week-and-a-half to return the form.

We will then shortlist the applicants based on the quality of their form. If you are successful for work-based rewards, we will then invite you to interview with the company. The final decision of who gets the place lies with the company, so do your best to impress at the interview! If you are successful at this stage, we then put you in touch with the company, and you will undertake your reward during the summer.

We encourage you to apply for several rewards as the more you apply for, the more likely it is that you will get one! Ultimately, we cannot guarantee that you will get your chosen reward, but we will do everything in our power to ensure everyone is happy, and in the case of you being unsuccessful for the rewards you apply for, we will suggest other rewards that may interest you.

Worst-case scenario: if you are not offered a reward that you want, your points will roll-on to next year and you can try applying again in 2019!

If you have any questions about the rewards or application process, please email the team at: