The Value of Joining a Volunteering Society

Emily Higgins, Student EP Ambassador

Here at the University of Kent, we have such a wide range of volunteering societies that anyone can join. These specific volunteering societies are called community action groups! As of this year, there are 18 community action groups. Here are a few:

  • Amnesty International
  • Books 2 Africa
  • Enactus Kent
  • UKC Girl Up
  • Raise And Give
  • Stage Spiders

All of the Community Action groups raise money on a weekly basis for their respective charities, and to become one of the volunteers, all you have to do is ask!

So, why would you want to join a volunteering society?

Well, first there is the obvious reason. It looks good on your CV. And this is no word of a lie. Currently “a quarter of students at UK universities now graduate with a first class degree” – according to The Independent in January 2017. This means that having a first class degree, let alone a 2:1, does not make you unique. What does make you unique and stand out however is the extra things you get involved with. So that, when you graduate, you aren’t just another number holding a certificate.

In addition to having another thing on your CV, being involved with volunteering societies will make you a more interesting person. It will allow you to broaden the number of things you are interested in, and in return it will definitely improve your personality. And this is something that will come across in interviews with prospective employers. So again, instead of blending in with the masses, you will stand out as someone who didn’t just go to university and get a degree. But instead, someone who is a person that made the most of the opportunities that were available to them.

On another, equally important note, becoming a volunteer is very worthwhile. When you volunteer your time for a good cause, whatever that may be, you feel a great sense of accomplishment. In fact, it is not uncommon for students to find that they want to continue volunteer and charity work after university, sometimes even as a career.

So, there is really no downside at all to joining a volunteering society. It is something that you will enjoy as you meet new people and help others in need, it will greatly improve you’re employability potential and it will open new opportunities to you that you weren’t even aware of.

Get involved and make sure you make the most of your time at university!

Don’t forget, if you join a Community Action Group whilst studying at Kent, you can claim 15 Employability Points, whilst committee members can claim a further 30 points!

For more information on how to join a Community Action Group, please visit the Kent Union website here: