Why Work for Free?

Reasons to consider volunteering while at university

Justifiably, the idea of working for free sounds less than enticing.

In actual fact, volunteering is an incredibly valuable activity. Not only is it a hugely respected element to see on your resume, but it can be personally very rewarding.

Here are some reasons to consider voluntary work!


1) It comes in all shapes and sizes  


Volunteering is simply performing an altruistic activity or service for no financial gain. It could be with a charity, within university, out in the local community, or abroad. It could be donating your time to fundraise, help at events, litter-pick, work with children, or much more.

For example, Canterbury Cathedral are currently looking to fill a range of volunteer positions. They need volunteers to assist with conferences, oral history projects and running community engagement activities. All these roles require diverse skill-sets and would appeal to different people!


2) It makes you more employable


While volunteering, you have the chance to try new things and hone your skills.

Any volunteer activity looks good on your CV and helps show employers you are dedicated and dependable. It is a bridge to the working world, where you pick up soft skills and build confidence.

EP recognise the employability benefit and depending on the activity, offer between 10 and 40 points!


3) It lets you give back to the community


Doing good is good for your own wellbeing as it fosters a sense of achievement and positivity. It also gives you the chance to give back to the community.

During university, there are chances to act as Ambassadors or Representatives in your school or departments. As well as this, you can help with students as they move in during Fresher’s or act as mentors during their studies.

Especially if you have ever had this kind of support, it is a worthy mission to reciprocate with the next generation of students.


If you are interested in volunteering and looking for opportunities, you can contact Kent Union for more information on volunteering projects running on campus.