Why You Should Gain as Much Work Experience as Possible!

Sheena Wooldridge, School of European Culture and Languages, completed a work experience placement with Canterbury Cathedral Lodge and another with the Hub for Innovation and Enterprise through EP. Here she explains why you should gain as much experience as possible while at university.

My one week Events Planning placement with Canterbury Cathedral Lodge was highly beneficial and enjoyable. As a final year student, I am looking to gain as much experience as possible so that I can make a well-informed career decision before heading out into the working world.

For me, I have always enjoyed event planning. As UKC Netball Social Secretary during my second year I got a taste for this profession. However, I felt it would be really important to experience the day to day job and what it truly entails in a commercial environment before applying to potential jobs after graduation. Therefore, this work placement (as well working at the Hub for Innovation and Enterprise) has proven invaluable.

I carried out multiple tasks throughout the week that will really add to my skillset and ‘sellability’ for the future. For example, as a sports enthusiast, the team were keen for me to help them create a Sports Database for potential clients. This meant I had to research nearby sports clubs based on a criteria, and create a contact base for each club to pass onto the next person to follow up. Therefore, my work had to be clear and concise. This task taught me how extra-curricular interests can be so relevant in the business world.

I also had organisational tasks such as using the online calendar to correlate events online and in hard copy, whilst filing future events in an organised manner. Primarily I worked on future Christmas events, but I also completed smaller tasks for upcoming Weddings. The Lodge also afforded me a guided tour of the Cathedral one afternoon. As a history student this was amazing and I highly recommend it!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and am incredibly thankful for the advice and knowledge I acquired throughout both work experiences I completed.

For more information on Sheena’s work experience with the Hub, please see here.