Employability: 6 Tips for Spring Term

Cat Dennis, EP Assistant

The Festive Break is over. Behind us are the presents, the mince pies and the time spent with family and friends; in front of us is the start of term, essays and exams.

Here’s some tips for hitting the ground running in Spring Term regarding your future employability:

  1. Did you do any Festive Volunteering? Did you have a Christmas Temp Job? It might have started as a way to earn a little spare cash around the holiday season but even having a temporary job or volunteering can nurture those work place skills that employers are looking for.
  1. Make sure you update your CV / LinkedIn Profile: Make sure you record the work you did over the holiday while it is still fresh in your mind. It is no good trying to update your CV at the end of your three year university career – update as you go so you don’t miss anything out! If you need any help with your CV, head to a drop-in with the Careers and Employability Service during term.
  1. Pop along to Refreshers Fayre: It is not too late to get involved in a society or sports team. This year, Kent Union’s Refreshers Fayre is in Eliot Hall on 24th and 25th January from 11am – 4pm. It is well worth going along to meet new people, learn new skills and engage in new experiences.
  1. Think about a part-time job: You have had the Autumn Term to settle in and now you know what you are doing. Undertaking a part-time job while studying shows future employers that you are capable of managing your own time. Check out the Jobshop for local opportunities!
  1. Consider a Summer Internship: It is widely acknowledged that getting experience in a company can give you the edge over competitors when looking for full-time positions there. Some course might already offer a year in industry but if not, summer internships are definitely worth considering. Check out the huge range of summer placements available through EP.
  1. Log those Employability Points: Don’t forget that all these activities improve your employability so you can log them on MyFolio. The deadline to log points is the 20th March and then you can use them to apply for Rewards!

Coming back to University can be a little overwhelming. There are a lot of people urging you to take advantage of the opportunities. Don’t panic – take it a day at a time and enjoy the variety.

Remember, if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask.

Contact us on employabilitypoints@kent.ac.uk.