Why get Involved in a Student Society?

Cat Dennis, EP Assistant

Increasingly, employers are putting emphasis on soft skills that can only be picked up through tangible experiences of work. Email etiquette, public speaking, problem-solving and team work are just a handful of the sort of skills an employer might look for in a candidate. With the job market so tough, even getting voluntary experience to hone these skills can be competitive for students.

Do not underestimate the skills that can be gained as a student society committee member.

From a shy Fresher, to the Secretary of my own society, I can vouch for the variety of skills I picked up in three years. Although only a small society, of like-minded science-fiction and fantasy ‘geeks’, I became responsible for the weekly student emails, room booking, event organising and sponsor engagement.

Being part of a student society was also fun. You would interact with students, staff and external sponsors to create a group that enriched the experience of the students within it. You could enjoy the freedom, unique to university, of booking rooms without charge and the variety of interests and activities shared.

We held weekly screenings, quizzes and charity events. In the two years that I was part of the team, our annual charity event raised over £1,700 for local charities. By taking part in a student society, a student can really contribute, not only to the experience of their fellow students, but to the wider community.

Simply for being a member of a student society, EP offers 5 Employability Points for the communication skills and team building you will experience while there. For a student who becomes a committee member, you can gain 25 points for the level of commitment and work that not everyone realises is involved in running a successful student society.

You would be surprised what can be gained from taking part in societies and I would implore new students to get involved and find out!

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