Interning at YoYo Design

Dara Olayebi, Student Blogger

I remember staying up for hours trying to finish up seven different applications on the Kent Employability Reward Scheme. As I type this, I am six weeks into a three month internship at Yoyo Design, a digital agency in Kent, with “Marketing Assistant” as my job title. If I had been asked three months ago how I would be spending my summer, I would certainly not have guessed this.

I studied Multimedia Technology and Design at the University of Kent and at the start of my third and final year, one of my biggest worries was graduating and having no job prospects. However, luckily for me, I found myself finishing off my final year exams and preparing to start work a week later.

I am very fortunate to have secured an internship at Yoyo Design, which has the possibility of becoming a permanent job. When I was invited to the interview, I quickly realised that it was scheduled only three days before my first exam. So, as I juggled exam revision and interview prep, I motivated myself to stay on track, which was a big challenge. The transition from university life to the world of work was slightly difficult at first, mostly in terms of getting used to a new schedule and routine. However, once I got into the swing of things, it all became easier.

Working at Yoyo has been a real learning experience. The fun, friendly company culture has made me feel part of the team and I love it here already. My role involves event planning, copywriting, social media management, auditing, research and more. I have learnt how an agency is run, and about the diversity of roles within one; my knowledge on the digital industry has also improved significantly. Being in a professional work environment has allowed me to build my character and learn where my interests lie. Overall, this internship has put me on a path to developing my career and the experience has been truly invaluable.

So, here’s my advice to whoever is reading this:

Seize all opportunities. Throw yourself out there because you never know who your next employer might be.

Be confident in yourself and your abilities. This confidence could be the difference between success and failure.

And finally, persevere. This is definitely the most important one for me as I strongly believe that people who never give up will always be rewarded for their efforts in one way or another. Stay up all night if you have to, go the extra mile to finish that essay or job application. Trust your struggle and keep at whatever it is that you’re doing. Your future self will thank you for it.

Dara Olayebi