News from the elected members of Senate to keep you updated, informed and to hear feedback. You can access agendas and minutes of Senate meetings here: https://www.kent.ac.uk/governance/senate/index.html

Current elected members of Senate are as follows:

Faculty Representatives 

Humanities (2) Dr Kelli Rudolph (to 31 July 2021)
Professor David Ayers (to 31 July 2020)
Sciences (2) Dr Mark Wass (to 31 July 2021)
Dr Jose Luis Ortega-Roldan (to July 2021)
Social Sciences (2) Dr Gavin Sullivan (to 31.July.2021)
Dr David Roberts (to 31 July 2020)


Other elected representatives 

Social Sciences Dr Gbenga Oduntan (to 31.July.2021)
Social Sciences Sian Lewis-Anthony (to 31 July 2020)
Social Sciences Dr Catherine Robinson (to 31 July 2020)
Humanities Dr Laura Bailey (to 31 July 2020)

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