“You retweet us a lot”

I recently attended an event with at least five people there whom I “knew” from Twitter only. Of course I made an effort to have a chat or at least shake hands with all of them. One in the latter category said “Oh yeah, you retweet us a lot”.

So what does that mean? Now of course I could just ask him, even now, what he’d meant by that, but that’s really not the point. It’s just such an interesting ambiguous statement on the boundary between the web and the world. Does it mean “I’m so glad you share and distribute the views of my worthy organisation?” Or is it “I’ve noticed you on Twitter but don’t follow you as you don’t generate interesting original content?” Or worse, “I’m getting a bit tired of the endless notifications ‘@CyberSecKent has retweeted you’, it’s almost like stalking?”

Yes I think it was probably the first one, too. Still …