PhD finalist and artist Sara Choudhrey to exhibit in London at ‘Digital Weekender’ and ‘Manifesting the Unseen’

Sara Choudhrey, Digital Arts PhD finalist and artist from the School of Engineering and Digital Arts is exhibiting in two forthcoming London exhibitions.

Sara will be showing her work at Digital Weekender at Watermans Arts Centre from 9th to 12th November.  Whether botanical, wildlife, or human, all bodies experience the right to claim natural space their own. Yet changes in the environment and the impact of human intervention govern whose claim will take precedence. Driftwood merges the physical flow of water into its material form to provide a visual of this interplay, an interaction that signifies resistance, compromise and conformity. The juxtaposition of the free-flowing medium seeped within the structured order of geometry conveys a further force in controlling the flow from moving entirely without purpose. The result is a binding between flow and form each playing its role in a system of larger play. Sara applies a hybrid approach to art-making, utilising patterns inspired by Islamic visual culture and beyond. Combining research interests in digital technology and traditional methods of pattern-making, Sara’s artistic practice is a means to communicate theoretical and conceptual themes regarding our understanding and engagement with space, place, border and order.

From 23rd November to 15th December, Sara is exhibiting in Manifesting the Unseen, part of a residency project at Guest Projects, in a space founded by internationally renowned artist Yinka ShonibareManifesting the Unseen is an arts & culture project that seeks to remove barriers & reveal hidden truths by creating a discursive space to experience the unique artistic language of Islamic art & its modern cultural expression.