EDA academic, Dr Rocio von Jungenfeld, to showcase media installation in major German art festival

Dr Rocio von Jungenfeld from the School of Engineering and Digital Arts (EDA) will exhibit her ‘zones of flow (iii)’ exhibition at the BEYOND Festival taking place in Karlsruhe, Germany from 3 – 7 October.

The “zones of flow (iii)” artwork is a photo-sensitive audio-visual installation that investigates the fluid connections between people, sea and land. It uses a video projection depicting water surfaces mapped onto a 2.5m paper-boat covered in light-dependent-resistors (LDR) which send signals to light-emitting-diodes (LED) inside smaller paper-boats. These small paper-boats are scattered across the floor serving as metaphorical water surface.

Pictures: zone of flow (iii) exhibition by Matt Wilson. Copyright


Dr von Jungenfeld has previously exhibited the work in the Studio 3 Gallery in the School of Arts and worked with local schools to use the project as a means to teach young people about basic electronics and their use in the arts. This project has been produced in collaboration with the EDA’s Technical Support Team and research students.

In the coming year, she plans to take the project to more schools in Kent and public exhibitions across the UK to help celebrate the UK’s coastal heritage and relationship with the sea, and how it influences our perception of time and space.