Fellowship of the British Science Association (FBSA)

The School of Engineering and Digital Arts is delighted to announce that Dr Cyril Isenberg was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of the British Science Association (BSA) at its annual meeting at the University of Aberdeen from 3-9 September 2012.
The Fellowships are presented for ‘engaging and inspiring adults and young people with Science and Technology…’ and ‘promoting openness about Science and Society’.
Dr Isenberg’s citation described him as ‘one of the pioneers of the popularization of physics’. He has been a member of the Association for many years and has been particularly active within the Physics Section, working on the Committee as the Treasurer and as Section President. He has also given hundreds of talks, enhanced with experimental demonstrations, to audiences from primary school pupils to pensioners.
Dr Isenberg has made numerous television appearances and is perhaps best known as the organiser of the British Physics Olympiad. Over 10,000 UK school students participate every year, out of which five are selected to take part in the International Physics Olympiad.
In 2008, Dr Isenberg was awarded an MBE for his contribution to physics. In 1994, he received the Institute of Physics’ Bragg Medal and Prize for significant contributions to physics education and innovative contributions to the teaching of physics.