Visit by Tian Xiaogang, Minister Counsellor for Education at the People’s Republic of China’s Embassy in London

During his visit to the Canterbury Campus on 13th April 2011, the Minister was given a tour of the School during which he learned about its research, facilities and equipment. He was shown the work carried out in the areas of Computer Animation, Antennas, Instrumentation and Biometrics, with staff, researchers and students providing demonstrations. During the visit to the Instrumentation laboratory, PhD student, Shaun Rodrigues, right, demonstrated how a flare can be monitored for cleaner emissions and safety requirements in industries such as oil refineries and chemical plants with lecturer, Dr. Gary Lu, left.
The School was delighted to have been included in the visit, the purpose of which was to sign a Memorandum of Understanding formalising the renewal of two Chinese government scholarships for the University of Kent which enable two undergraduate or postgraduate students to spend a year in China learning Mandarin and taking academic modules as appropriate. The new scholarships will be introduced for the 2011-12 academic year, with students having the option to select from a wide range of Chinese institutions. Tuition fees and accommodation will be among the expenses covered by the scholarship.