ULOOP – User-Centric Wireless Local Loop

Professor Jiangzhou Wang and Dr. Huiling Zhu have been awarded a European Commission FP7 research grant for a project entitled “User-centric Wireless Local Loop (ULOOP)”. The project has eleven partners from six European countries. It aims to explore the potential of having a wireless local-loop and design fundamental units based upon a user-centric (community) model extending the reach of a high debit, multi-access broadband backbone from different perspectives (technical and business models). There are a number of potential applications from the research work. One simple application is as follows. In an ordinary family, both mobile services and broadband services are subscribed. The combination of both services is not cheap. A 3G smart phone can be used as a mini-provider for the laptop. With the ULOOP technology, broadband services may be replaced by one mobile service in the future, resulting in a reduction in the telecom service fee.