“Higher Order Sliding Mode Control Theory: Three Generations in the War with Chattering” – Seminar Announcement

Professor Leonid Fridman, Department of Control Engineering and Robotics, Division of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, National Autonomous University of Mexico, will give the above Seminar on 26th January at 3 pm in Jennison Seminar Room 1. All are welcome and refreshments will be served after the event.
The talk will start with a historical revision of sliding mode (SM) control. It will be shown that the main problem with the implementation of any SM controller is the chattering phenomenon. It is also shown that for chattering reduction it is reasonable to nullify not only the sliding variable but also the derivatives of the sliding variable. This demonstrates why higher order sliding modes (HOSM) are useful for chattering adjustment. Three generations of HOSM controllers are revisited: second order SM, arbitrary order SM and high order SM with gain adaptation are developed. The implementation results will be illustrated with videos showing the results of experiments performed in the SM control Lab of UNAM.
This event is sponsored by the IEEE (UK and Republic of Ireland) Chapter of the Control Systems Society.
Please contact Dr. Xinggang Yan (x.yan@kent.ac.uk) for further details.