Unlocking Success: Inside the Industry with our Placement Students

Insights from placements at Lloyds, BMW, Enterprise, L’Oreal, and Amazon.

On Friday 19th January, we caught up with our Year in Industry students at our Canterbury campus!

Led by Amanda Gosling, Head of School, our current Year in Industry placement students came back to check-in with their School and it was brilliant to hear about the compelling experiences they encounter during their placements.

Amanda: “I really enjoyed seeing our placement students the other day. They all had such interesting things to say about what they were doing and good examples of how they were putting their economic understanding and analytical skills to practice.”

‘It was really inspiring’

They shared their triumphs and challenges, illustrating how their academic pursuits seamlessly blend with real-world applications. From the fast-paced corridors of Lloyds to the innovation hubs of BMW, Enterprise, L’Oreal, and Amazon, their experiences paint a real picture of professional growth and discovery.

If you’re eager to dive into the Year in Industry programme yourself, there will be upcoming sessions – in the Spring Term for Stage 1 students and the Autumn Term for Stage 2s – where you can hear from current placement students first-hand.

Got a question? Contact our Placements Team at hssplacements@kent.ac.uk.