Buckle Up

Beyond the academic there's plenty to keep you busy while you're studying with us. Stage One Economics Student David Bowman says whats on the menu for your first year.

‘As someone who has been through the experience of the first week at the University of Kent, I want to offer some reassurance as you prepare to embark on your own transformative journey.

Lets start with Welcome Week which is truly a special time. It’s designed to help you settle in, make friends, and navigate this new chapter in your life with excitement and support. From the moment you arrive, you’ll be greeted by a buzzing atmosphere and a warm community ready to welcome you. 

The highlight of Welcome Week is the Fresher’s Fair. This bustling event is an absolute must-visit. It’s here that you’ll discover an incredible variety of clubs and societies, each offering a unique avenue to pursue your passions and meet like-minded individuals. From sports clubs to cultural societies, from hobbies associations to volunteering groups, you’ll find a community that resonates with your interests and values. 

Speaking of community, the University of Kent goes above and beyond to ensure you feel supported every step of the way. Social events in your accommodation will foster a sense of belonging, and the friendly staff will always be there to assist you. Workshops and support services are available ensuring you have all the tools to thrive smoothly. 

Let’s not forget about Canterbury, the captivating city that will become your home. I absolutely love this city, its rich history, cultural scene, and stunning landscapes will captivate your senses. The iconic Canterbury Cathedral stands as a testament to centuries of architectural brilliance, and the vibrant atmosphere created by locals, students, and tourists will make you feel alive. With theatres, galleries, music venues, and a diverse culinary scene -and we’re talking Carribbean chicken to Katsu Curry- Canterbury offers countless opportunities to explore and create unforgettable memories. 

Now, let’s talk about societies. Whether you’re passionate about economics, finance, or any other field, the University of Kent has societies to suit your needs, like the Economics Society and Kent Invest that provide invaluable opportunities. They offer networking events, academic support, and professional guidance to help you excel in your chosen domain. But remember, there’s a wide range of societies catering to diverse interests, ensuring that you’ll find your niche and have the chance to contribute to causes you care about.

Throughout the year, the University hosts a variety of exciting events. From elegant balls to thought-provoking guest lectures, these occasions create memories that will stay with you long after your time at Kent. Whether you’re seeking intellectual stimulation, relaxation, or the chance to connect with fellow students, these events contribute to the vibrant and inclusive atmosphere that defines the University of Kent. 

The university hosts many celebrations, such as the Spring Ball. Brimming with lively conversations, free food and sweets, live music, and an energetic atmosphere, this celebration stands as a cherished memory in the hearts of students, making a mark as a momentous occasion during the academic year.

So, as you prepare to leave home and embrace the unknown, remember that you’re not alone. The University of Kent and its welcoming community are here to support you, inspire you, and make your journey unforgettable. Embrace the excitement of Welcome Week, embrace the opportunities that await you, and get ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.’

David Bowman is studying for a BSc (Hons) in Economics