Become Somebody New and Build Yourself

As we send another cohort of students off on their 'Year in Industry', Dr Penelope Pacheco-Lopez encouraged them all to make the most out of this career building experience.

On Wednesday 17th May the HSS Placements team met our students who are preparing to start their Placement Year in the 2023-2024 academic year. This year our students have managed to secure placements at a variety of different organisations including the Government Statistical Service, Axa, Lloyds, Enterprise and Amazon. Dr Penelope Pacheco-Lopez, Director of Placements, discussed what students need to do before and during their placement year and also the support available from the University whilst the students are away.

‘Show a willingness to learn and a positive attitude. You wont be expected to know everything on your first day.’ Pacheco-Lopez reassured them ‘If you’re asked to do something you’ve never done before, let your employers know its your first time.’

 ‘The expectations of you are high but it will be a really valuable year for you, in all senses.’

Nikki Martin from the University’s Careers and Employability Service discussed what students needed to do to get the most out of their placement experiences and to consider what skills they will develop which will be transferable for their future careers. She encouraged everyone while they’re developing these new skills, to record them using the Star method, for use in future job interviews.

We wish all our placement students the very best for their year out and can’t wait to hear more about their experiences.