Missing You

Sebastian Loftblad is currently on his Year in Industry placement working as an anyalyst at Goldman Sachs in London -we asked him a quick fire round of questions about how Uni life compares with the 9 to 5 grind.

What advice do you have for anyone about to embark on their Year in Industry? One top-tip I have when it comes to placements (and in general): don’t be afraid to speak up! No one is looking for someone to be absolutely perfect and get everything correct all the time, but they do want to see that you’re critically thinking and engaging. Even if you make a mistake and say something wrong, it’s better to learn from that and grow, than to have gained nothing at all by staying silent.

Uni study or placement? Both!

Dissertation or extended essay? Extended essay

Stata or R? R

Bus or Tube? Tube

Coffee or tea? Tea – but I like both!

Turing or Parkwood? Darwin 😂

Woody’s or K bar? Woody’s

Group Study Space or Silent Zone? Silent Zone

WFH or WAO? WFH, but with some WAO as well!

Suit or Dress Down? Dress-down

Club Chem or Venue? Neither

Bet on Red or Black? Either-or

Spend or Save? Save

Sebastian Loftblad is studying towards a BSc in Economics with a Language (Spanish) and a Year in Industry.