January News RoundUp

JAN23 round-ups (4)

This month we caught up with alumni, used Mindfulness to sharpen our focus, and discussed the price of Freddos.

Climate-Smart Agriculture can Mitigate Climate Change

  • This DeReCK and CEAS research collaboration pilots an innovative approach to understanding the reluctance of farmers to get on board with this new technology. Read more here.

Can’t We Just Print More Money?

  • Dr Jack Meaning, Kent alumnus and Senior Economist at the Bank of England, came back to campus to inspire future economists to use their skills to shape the world around them for the better. Read more.

I’ll calc-u later

  • We caught up with our alumni who shared their paths to success! Mahreen Mahmud built a solid research agenda to present at conferences during her PhD at Kent.
  • The skills Cristiano Cantore learnt during his Economics PhD paved the way into a career, via a stint at the Bank of England, as a Professor of Economics.

How to Get an Internship

  • Jordan Ojediran shares some tips for landing internships during university, based on his own experiences and insights. Read here.

Sharp as a tack

  • Try our Mindfulness sessions, learn techniques for increasing your focus and reducing anxiety. Perfect for any looming exams.

You shared, we listened

  • We looked back at academic year highlights so far and changes that were implemented as a direct result of student feedback!

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