Mindfulness for Economists

Try Mindfulness, a technique for increasing the ability to focus, a tool for concentration that can help to improve your learning.

Evidence shows and students have given testimonials in the past, about how Mindfulness has helped them with the ability to focus (and hence to procrastinate less and prepare better for exams) and with dealing with stress and anxiety. Moreover, Mindfulness has helped them to relax and find a very nice community within the Mindfulness Society at Kent which organizes several other activities such as a book club and meetings outside the University.

We have weekly drop-ins on Wednesdays 1pm, and meet in person at 5pm. 

The weekly drop-ins involve no commitment and anyone can come and go whenever they want.

This March we offer our annual 5-weeks course. It gives a bit of background behind the science of Mindfulness and we will be using, Mindfulness and Wellbeing for Student Learning a book specifically designed for students. This is the first book of this kind and the first author is our Mindfulness teacher Lorraine Millard. Contact Dr Adelina Gschwandtner for more details. 

Mindfulness is a technique for increasing the ability to focus, a tool for concentration that should therefore also help to improve your learning results in any circumstance. It has been shown to help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, improve sleep quality and mental health in general and even improve job performance parameters (e.g. DeVibe et al. 2013, Shonin et al. 2014, Phang et al 2016).

Come and join us!

In person, Wednesdays, 5pm, CESR5

On line sessions Wednesdays 1pm

Meeting ID: 876 1525 5440Passcode: Mind