Economics, everywhere: seeing and using economics in your everyday and professional life. 

Dr. Jack Meaning, Alumnus and currently Adviser to the Chief Economist at the Bank of England will talk to us about using our skills to shape the world for the better.

  "Jack Meaning" by Bank of England .

Dr. Jack Meaning is a Senior Economist at the Bank of England and has been the Economic Advisor to two Bank of England Chief Economists. He is also a best-selling author of Can’t We Just Print More Money? the Bank of England’s first pop-econ book in its 300 year history. 

Economics is everywhere in the world around us and it shapes all of our lives. From the big things, like global growth, the cost of living and climate change, to those decisions much closer to home, like what job you do, your favourite pick and mix, or which social media platform you choose.  

This is exactly why Kent School of Economics alumnus is going to talk about how economists can use the skills they learn to view and shape the world around them for the better. He’ll speak on how it is possible to use economics to build a variety of careers and why it is so important that economists learn to come out of their bunkers and bring the “dismal science” to life, now more than ever. 

Wednesday 25 January


Sibson lecture Theater 2 (SIBLT2: SIBLT2 – Maps – University of Kent).