“Never apologise, never explain.”

Kent alumnus Jack Meaning, is one of the co-authors of this new book published by The Bank of England aiming to overturn its hitherto intimidating image and foster the next generation of economists.

The Bank of England was established in 1644, but 2022 was the year that they published their first book. ‘Cant we Just Print More Money?‘ was co authored by Rupal Patel and Kent alumnus Jack Meaning, advisor to the Bank of England’s chief economist Huw Pill.

They took part in a Discover Economics podcast to explain how the book came about and what they hope to achieve with it.

“Never apologise, never explain.” was the infamous dictum of former Bank of England governor Montagu Norman and epitomised the British take on central bank communication. Meaning explains that now is the time for a new approach.

‘Economics effects us all it drives all of our lives and what we realised at the bank is that everyone should be able to engage in that conversation and is part of our duty to get out there and help people engage.’

Each chapter tackles a different question  “Where does my breakfast come from?” or “Why am I richer than my great-great-grandmother?” with the aim to widen participation and through the explanation of simple economics terms -supply and demand, inflation, quantitive easing, it will give readers the building blocks to help them understand better what’s going on in the news.

The book is currently being sent to every State school in the UK.

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