Thinking about economics in everyday situations; Introducing Jan-Philipp Dueber

Our Director of Stage 1 Studies, reveals the burning economics questions that keep him awake at night.

Dr Jan-Philipp Dueber

‘Hi all, I’m Philipp, and I’m the Director of Studies Stage 1. Basically that means that I’m around to help you with any problems you might have during your first year here with us. The great news is, I’m also teaching you in the spring term Principles of Economics which starts in January.

I’ve ben here at Kent for seven years now, three of them as a lecturer and four as a PhD student. Whilst that gives me some experience yet it was not too long ago that I was in a similar situation as you. I was lucky (or unfortunate?) to start my undergrad back in 2009 right after the beginning of the Financial Crisis. It was this event what immediately sparked my interest in macroeconomics (the same thing I will teach you in spring).

‘I think it is probably a pretty good time again to start an economics degree with everything that is happening in the world right now.’

When I’m not in a lecture theatre, I love to travel. Being interested in macroeconomics, it often makes you think about economics in everyday situations. Ever wondered why Nutella in an Egyptian supermarket is 20% more expensive than in the UK but orange juice is three times more expensive here? Ever wondered why you were not allowed to take currency out of some countries (but still smuggled something out for your exotic currency collection at home) whereas other countries don’t care? It’s all economics…’

Dr Jan-Philipp Dueber‘s main fields of research are in international macroeconomics and macroeconomics.