Returning with enthusiasm and motivation! Welcome Back to our Placement Students

We were delighted to welcome back our 23 economics Year in Industry students this month, returning for their final year of studies with us

All of them had a very rewarding experience working for different companies and sectors, such as the ONS, HM Treasury, Land Registry, VW, Disney, Nestlé, HP, Lloyd’s and Adobe.

‘All of them are back to finalise their studies with great enthusiasm and motivation!’ Dr Penelope Pacheco Lopez, our Director of Placements (Year in Industry) told us ‘It is always remarkable to see how they have grown in their professionalism and work-ethic when they return to us.’

Following on from our welcome back session Nathan Arbuckle (placement with VW), Abigail McKay and Emma Stewart (placement with HM Treasury) also, very kindly joined our first ECON5360 Preparing for an Economics Placement session, (ECON5360) where they discussed their experiences with our current stage 2 students, due to go on their placements at the end of the academic year, and gave them helpful advice and guidance.

Nathan Arbuckle (placement with VW), Abigail McKay and Emma Stewart (placements with HM Treasury) encouraged the Stage 2 cohort on their return.

‘Choosing to spend a year of my degree as a Year in Industry was the best decision I have made.’ Nathan told them ‘It has provided me with a clear idea of what I would like for my future and has given me a strong skill set to make the final year of my degree as successful as possible. It has also allowed me to gain hands-on experience that looks amazing on job applications while guiding my application decisions, dissertation and studies.’

These students are studying for a BSc (Hons) in Economics with a Year in Industry